Thursday, January 21, 2010


There are three goannas that hang around my parents' house in Central Tablelands New South Wales. One has been there since we built and moved in, back in 1982! In those days he came up to the steps and peered in the windows. The chronology of farm life can be a bit of a blur and we'd collectively forgotten this until we found and old letter detailing the occurrence.

The goannas are all a bit more human-savvy now but still come very close for water and compost raids.

The first is "The Old Guy". His home is in a hollow log just outside the back gate, at most 50 metres from the house. He is pictured here at the top of a log that branches up from his home.

"Stumpy" is the name we've given to another elder who's rather more battle-worn.

The most handsome of the goannas is "Yellow". I'd say he's significantly younger by the colouring and lack of wear and tear.

Of course, I should clarify that I have no idea how to sex a goanna so there's every possibility that one or more of these are female!

I have gotten better at stalking them since these early photos. Here's an image of Yellow who had been showing great interest in the smell of a milk bottle until I disturbed him.

Before he noticed me I got a close-up of his mighty claws!

On another occasion, I found Stumpy investigating the bins and he got a close up too!