Sunday, January 24, 2010


It's not often that you get close to a Galah in the wild.

It's quite common in rural Australia to see them flying overhead or perched in trees. But if a Galah is feeding in the ground and becomes disturbed, you're most likely to see this reaction.

That's why it was very surprising to get the following shots of a lone Galah who stayed on the ground despite a group of people walking very nearby, including me with my camera!

At first we thought it might be sick or injured but after observing it for a while neither seemed to be the case. He was just very interested in the food left amongst the stubble in the wheat paddock. Perhaps he was a youngster who hadn't learnt about "stranger danger" from the flock.

I grew up on a farm so to me a Galah is just a normal part of the backdrop. But when you see one up this close you see the beauty that we take for granted and you can understand why they are highly sought after pets in other countries.