Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Gecko stalking

On Christmas Eve, two cars were driving from my sister's farm house back to my parents' farm house and I was determined to be the first for any wildlife-spotting opportunities that may arise. I had rather hoped that deer we spotted in the distant paddocks at dusk might have moved nearer the road and I was ready with my camera.

No deer presented themselves but I was rewarded for keeping my eyes peeled when this leaf-tailed gecko ran across the track in front of my car. I backed up so the headlights would illuminate the area and hastily took some shots before the other car caught up to me!

This is a gecko that I have not seen before. It is far more colourful than the ones that hang around the farm house. They are usually spied on the verandah on hot nights. Insects are attracted to the light and the geckos don't have to travel too far from home to find a meal!

These photos show the access hole to the geckos' getaway inside the brick wall:

And this yongster hasn't even fully left his home before he has found a tasty treat!

Breeding conditions are good as I saw three geckos within a metre of each other on this night. That porch light sure summons up a smorgasbord for this species to dine on.

While largely nocturnal, the geckos are sometimes found inside the house during the day. This is one that we chased outside otherwise my parents were going to kill it! Apparently the geckos use the inside walls as a toilet and the homeowners are not impressed!

In this shot you can see the pads on the feet that enable geckos to climb walls and even slippery glass windows.