Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Indoor lizards

I received an email today from a friend asking who could they get to remove a visiting blue tongue!

I have a question for my naturalist buddy...do you know who we call to get Betty the Blue Tongue lizard removed from our garden? She keeps popping into the house (front and back) when the doors are open for ventilation. Not something you'd want to trip up on in the middle of the night! She seems very unphased by humans. Could she be a pet do you think? Hope you can help.

Instead of answering the question directly I replied with all the reasons why it would be great to keep the blue tongue around!

I'm surprised Betty hasn't left in indignation at such a name! However, the fact that she is still there is a GREAT thing. She will be keeping all manner of pests out of your garden!

Her lack of fear of humans may mean she is being fed by other households (she would have a territory spanning many backyards). She may be entering your house looking for food or water. If you provide a water source near the extremes of your yard (like a bird bath at ground level) that may keep her from venturing into the house. You could also block up any gaps in the fences to prevent her getting in, I guess.

Personally, I'd be STOKED to have a blue tongue in my house. The ones at my last house were very nervy and shot away at the slightest movement. No chance of blue tongues here but in recent weeks we have had a bar-sided skink sharing our lounge room. Delightful!

If you get Betty removed you might be taking her away from families who do consider her a pet :-(

Meanwhile, I doubt she would be active at night. My suggestion would be to install a plank across open doorways. The leg-to-body ratio of blue tongues means they are not very good climbers!